Hello from Down Under!


Pics from my instagram @missjuliehammer I’ve moved to the other side of the world! :D I’m now in Sydney, Australia! And it’s beautiful here! Gotta love the beach and city combo! I’ve been here almost two weeks and spent most of my time getting to know the city and settling in. Have to say I’m…

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New York City


New York happened and it was amazing! My week there flew by and by the end of it I felt like I had done so much yet so little of what I had planned to do… I didn’t manage to fully absorb what was happening around me before I found myself in Canada (yep I’m…

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Insta Smoothies


There appears to be a smoothie situation on my Instagram these days. But who can blame me? They’re healthy and delicious! And fun and colourful ;) There have been some signs of spring lately which left me feeling more energized and craving all sorts of fruit and fresh food. But then it snowed again… lol…

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Aussie Hair

Aussie insta

I’m happy to announce a collaboration I’ve got going on with Aussie Hair Care this week. From today on I’m going to be guest editor of their Instagram account @aussiehairofficial :) I’ll be posting pics of everything from hair to everyday aussomeness so be sure to check it out and follow @aussiehairofficial and my own…

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Insta Moments


Here are some of my recent Instagram moments. I spent the past weekend in the mountains and it was freakin freezing! It was as cold as minus 27 degrees! Before this weekend I had forgotten how much colder the minus twenties are compared to minus one or two… Cars stop functioning and you really need…

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